Dr. Scott A. Mogull
Associate Professor, Technical Communication Program
Department of English, Texas State University

Telephone: (512) 408-3365


Fall 2020

ENG 3303: Technical Writing [online, asynchronous]

ENG 3342: Editing [online, asynchronous]

ENG 5313: Technical Editing [online, hybrid]


Spring 2020

ENG 3303: Technical Writing [online, asynchronous]

ENG 3313: Scientific Writing [online, asynchronous]

ENG 3342: Editing [online, asynchronous]


Professional Bio

Dr. Scott Mogull is an Associate Professor in the Technical Communication Program within the Department of English at Texas State University. Since 2008, Dr. Mogull has been on the editorial board of the journal Technical Communication Quarterly. He has a Ph.D. in Technical Communication from Texas Tech University where he researched pharmaceutical marketing. Currently, his research focuses on science communication and commercialization of technology. Prior to entering academia, Dr. Mogull spent 8 years in the biotechnology, biodefense, and molecular diagnostics (“testing”) industries in roles such as technical support, product manager, and marketing manager.



Articles & Book Chapters

  • Mogull, Scott A. “Genres as Silos for Technical Communication: Considerations for Spanning Boundaries in Academia and Industry.” In Technical Communication: Beyond the Silos. Paris, France: Hermann Publications (2019): 67-88.
  • Mogull, Scott A. “Primary Messages of DTC [Direct-to-Consumer] Advertising During the Product Life Cycle: A Case Study.” IEEE International Professional Communication Conference (ProComm). IEEE (2018): 150-158.
  • Mogull, Scott A. “Science vs. Science Commercialization in Neoliberalism (Extreme Capitalism): Examining the Conflicts and Ethics of Information Sharing in Opposing Social Systems.” Scientific Communication. Routledge (2017): 64-81.
  • Mogull, Scott A. “Accuracy of Cited ‘Facts’ in Medical Research Articles: A Review of Study Methodology and Recalculation of Quotation Error Rate.” PloS One 12.9 (2017): e0184727.
  • Mogull, Scott A., and Candice T. Stanfield. “Current Use of Visuals in Scientific Communication.” IEEE International Professional Communication Conference (ProComm). IEEE (2015).
  • Mogull, Scott A. “A Call for New Courses to Train Scientists as Effective Communicators in Contemporary Government and Business Settings.” In Qualitative Research in Technical Communication. Routledge, (2010): 191-211. [Reprint of a prior Technical Communication article.]
  • Popham, Susan, Lora Arduser, Kelli Cargile Cook, Marjorie Rush Hovde, Amy Koerber, Scott A. Mogull, and Pavel Zemliansky. “Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Network of Communication Channels.” Programmatic Perspectives 4.1 (2008): 5-41.
  • Mogull, Scott A. “Chronology of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Regulation in the United States.” AMWA Journal: American Medical Writers Association Journal 23.3 (2008): 106-109.



Ph.D. Technical Communication & Rhetoric (Texas Tech University, 2010)

M.A. Microbiology (The University of Texas at Austin, 2000)

B.S. Microbiology (The University of Washington, 1998)

M.A. Microbiology (Oregon State University, 1997)

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